The International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English

ICAME is an international group of linguists and data scientists working with English language corpora. The organization was founded in 1977 in Oslo, Norway, originally under the name of International Computer Archive of Modern English. The first “conference” was a symposium with 37 participants from 10 different countries held in 1979.

Our aim is

  • to collect and distribute information on English language material available for computer processing
  • to conduct, collect and distribute information on linguistic research based on this material
  • to compile an archive of English language corpora in digitised form
  • to make the material and corpora available to research institutions

We aim to promote all branches of English corpus linguistics, specifically focusing on compilation and analysis of corpora of English and the application of those corpora to linguistic research.

Also of great interest are corpus-based studies of other languages, where English is a major comparative element.

The annual ICAME conference provides a forum for research and discussion on English corpus linguistics. The themes of the conferences are traditionally kept relatively open, so as not to overly restrict the topics presented.

The conferences usually take place in May of each year and are hosted and locally organized by ICAMErs at their respective universities. Over the last 40 years ICAME conferences have taken place all over the world.

For more details, look at the following pages:

ICAME Constitution
ICAME History – The Beginnings