ICAME Corpora

ICAME corpora can be accessed through CLARINO, Norwegian part of the CLARIN project.

They are available for academic use only.

The corpora are available in the Corpuscle program

Sign in via CLARIN SPF (in the top right corner) using your academic e-mail address.

The following corpora are available for searching (most also for downloading through the “Overview” option in the menu to the left for each corpus):

  • The Brown family:
    • Brown, LOB, FLOB, Frown, BLOB and BE06 UCREL, Lancaster
    • (BLOB and BE06 not for downloading)
    • FLOB and Frown with original POS tagging
  • ACE (Australian Corpus of English)
  • COLT (Corpus of London Teenage Language)
  • Helsinki Corpus of English Texts
  • Helsinki Corpus of Older Scotts
  • Helsinki CEECS (Corpus of Early English Correspondence Sampler)
  • London-Lund Corpus