Contents 1985-1993

ICAME Journal, TOC no. 9-17 (1985-93)

CONTENTS ICAME issue no. 9 1985

A Survey of Computer-Based English Language Research
S.A. Blackwell p. 3

Revising CLAWS  
B.M. Booth, p. 29

Jean-Marie Baissus, p.36
Word Frequencies in Indian English: A Preliminary Report  
P. V. Shastri, p. 38

Material Available from Bergen, p. 45

The Tagged LOB Corpus, p. 47

Conditions on the Use of ICAME Corpus Material, p. 48

The Humanities Research Center, Brigham Young University, p. 49

CONTENTS ICAME no. 10 1986

Editor's Foreword, p. 3

W. Nelson Francis: Dinner speech given at the 5th ICAME Conference at
Windermere, England, 21 May 1984, p. 5

Jan Svartvik: For W. Nelson Francis, p. 8

The 6th ICAME Conference on English Language Research on Computerized
Corpora at Rostanga, Sweden, 19-22 May 1985, p. 10

ICAME bibliography, p. 62

Charles F. Meyer: Punctuation practice in the Brown Corpus, p. 80

Material available from Bergen, p. 96
Conditions on the use of ICAME corpus material, p. 98

CONTENTS ICAME no. 11 1987   

Editor's Foreword, p. 3

P. Collins: Cleft and pseudo-cleft constructions in English spoken and
written discourse, p. 5

M.L. Owen: Evaluating automatic grammatical tagging of text, p. 18

P.H. Peters: Towards a corpus of Australian English, p. 27

K. Ahmad and G. Corbett: The Melbourne-Surrey Corpus, p. 39

R. Jones: Accessing the Brown Corpus using an IBM PC, p. 44

The 7th ICAME Conference on English Language Research on Computerized
Corpora in Amsterdam, 9-11 June, 1986, p. 48  

Knut Hofland: Program distribution and networking within ICAME  p. 65
New material, p. 68

Material available through ICAME, p. 70

CONTENTS ICAME no. 12 1988 


Nelleke Oostdijk: A corpus for studying linguistic variation, p. 3

S.V. Shastri: The Kolhapur Corpus of Indian English and work done on its
basis so far, p. 15

Stig Johansson and Else Helene Norheim: The subjunctive in British and
American English, p. 27

Stig Johansson: The New Oxford English Dictionary project: A presentation,
p. 37  

The 8th ICAME Conference on English Language Research on Computerized
Corpora in Helsinki, 21-24 May, 1987, p. 42

John Sinclair et al (eds): Collins COBUILD English Language Dictionary (Kay
Wikberg), p. 68

Shorter notices:  

Margery Fee: Strathy Language Unit, p. 72
Gerhard Leitner: Research with computer corpora in Germany, p. 73
Geoffrey Sampson, Eric Atwell and Robin Haigh: Project April: A progress
report on the Leeds Annealing Parser Project, p. 75
The Lancaster Spoken English Corpus, p. 76
A Swedish TEFL corpus, p. 77
Texts for WordCruncher, p. 78
HUMANIST: A presentation, p. 78
Encoding standards for machine-readable texts, p. 80
Program distribution and networking within ICAME, p. 81
Material available through ICAME, p. 84

CONTENTS no. 13 1989  

H. Joachim Neuhaus: The Shakespeare Dictionary Database, p. 3 

Merja Kyto: Progress report on the diachronic part of the Helsinki Corpus,
p. 12

Matti Rissanen: Three problems connected with the use of diachronic
corpora, p. 16 

Clive Souter: The COMMUNAL Project: Extracting a grammar from the
Polytechnic of Wales Corpus, p. 20

Zhu Qi-bo: A quantitative look at the Guangzhou Petrolium English Corpus,
p. 28

Conference report:

The 9th ICAME Conference on English Language Research on Computerized
Corpora in Birmingham, 18-22 May, 1988, p. 39  


Dieter Mindt:  Sprache, Grammatik, Unterrichtsgrammatik: Futurischer 
Zeitbezug im Englischen (Herman Wekker), p. 81

Ch. F. Meyer:  A Linguistic Study of American Punctuation (Anna-Brita
Stenstrom), p. 83 

Douglas Biber:  Variation across Speech and Writing (Bill Grabe), p. 85  

Shorter notices:  

Towards an international corpus of English, p. 89 
Survey of machine-readable text corpora, p. 89 
The ICAME network server, p. 90 
Material available from Bergen, p. 91  

CONTENTS ICAME no. 14 1990                                


Brian MacWhinney & Catherine Snow: The Child Language Data Exchange System,
p. 3 

Louis Milic:  A new histoncal corpus, p. 26  

Conference report:  

The 10th ICAME Conference on Language Research on Computerized Corpora in
Bergen, 1-4 June, 1989, p. 40  


Bengt Altenberg: Prosodic patterns in spoken English (Gerry Knowles), p. 94

Roger Garside, Geoffrey Leech & Geoffrey Sampson (eds.): The cornputational
analysis of English: A corpus-based approach (Gunnel Kallgren), p. 98 

Pieter de Haan: Postmodifying clauses in the English noun phrase: A
corpus-based study (Josef Schmied), p. 103

Shorter notices:  

Sidney Greenbaum:  The International Corpus of English, p. 106
Sidney Greenbaum:  The supplement to the London-Lund Corpus, p. 108  
The Text Encoding Initiative, p. 110  
The ACL Data Collection Initiative, p. 110  
A National Center for Machine-Readable Texts, p. 111  
The ICAME network server, p. 112 
New material, p. 112  
Material available from Bergen, p. 113  

Contents ICAME no. 15 1991  


Hilde Hasselgard: Sequences of Temporal and Spatial Adverbials in Spoken
English: Some Pragmatic Considerations, p. 3  

Lise Opdahl: -ly as Adverbial Suffix: Corpus and Elicited Material
Compared, p. 19

Elizabeth Green and Pam Peters: The Australian Corpus Project and
Australian English, p. 37  

Tim F. O'Donoghue: Taking a Parsed Corpus to the Cleaners: The EPOW Corpus,
p. 55

Nancy Belmore: Tagging Brown with the LOB Tagging Suite, p. 63  


Christian Mair: Infinitival Complement Clauses in English: A Study of
Syntax in Discourse (Christer Geisler), p. 87  

Jan Svartvik (ed.): The London-Lund Corpus of Spoken English. Description 
and Research (Jane Edwards), p. 92

Magnus Ljung: A Study of TEFL Vocabulary (Felicitas Tesch), p. 100

Eva Leitzke: (De)nominale Adjektive im heutigen Englisch: Untersuchungen
zur Morphologie, Syntax, Semantik und  Pragmatik von
Adjektiv-Nomen-Kombinationen der Typen atomic energy und criminal lawyer
(Christian Mair), p. 102  

Shorter notices:  

Makoto Shimizu: Corpus Studies in Japan, p. 104
Lou Burnard: The Text Encoding Initiative: Progress Report, p. 108   
Eleventh ICAME Conference, p. 111  
The ICAME network server, p. 111  
New material, p. 113  
Material available from Bergen, p. 114  

CONTENTS ICAME no. 16 1992  


Merja Kyto and Matti Rissanen: A language in transition: The Helsinki
Corpus of English Texts, p. 7   

Geoffrey Leech and Roger Fallon: Computer corpora - What do they tell us
about culture?, p. 29  

Review articles:  

Kari E. Haugland: On the use of cleft and pseudo-cleft sentences in English
(Peter C. Collins: Cleft and pseudo-cleft constructions in English), p. 51 

Clive Souter: The Nijmegen Linguistic Database program (Hans van Halteren
and Theo van den Heuvel: Linguistic exploitation of syntactic databases:
The use of the Nijmegen Linguistic  Database program), p. 70  

Rejoinder by Hans van Halteren, p. 79  


Karin Aijmer and Bengt Altenberg (eds.): English corpus linguistics:
Studies in honour of Jan Svartvik (Geoffrey Sampson), p. 81  

Stig Johansson and Anna-Brita Stenstrom (eds.): English computer corpora:
Selected papers and research guide (W. Nelson Francis), p. 83  

Merja Kyto: Variation and diachrony, with Early American English in focus 
Studies on CAN/MAY and SHALL/WILL (Udo Fries), p. 92

Ian Lancashire (ed.): The humanities computing yearbook 1989-90 and
Research in humanities computing 1 (Stig Johansson), p. 96 

Nelleke Oostdijk: Corpus linguistics and the automatic analysis of English
(Josef Schmied), p. 101  

Felicitas Tesch: Die Indefinitpronomina some and any in autentischen
englischen Sprachgebrauch und im Lehrwerken (Magnus Ljung), p. 103  

Gunnel Tottie: Negation in English speech and writing: A study in variation 
(Leiv Egil Breivik), p. 105  

Conference reports:  

Lou Burnard: Twelfth ICAME Conference, 1-12 May 1991, p. 111  
Stig Johansson: The 'Using Corpora' Conference, Oxford 1991, p. 113  
Goran Kjellmer: Nobel Symposium on Corpus Linguistics,  Stockholm 4-8
August 1991, p. 115
Anna-Brita Stenstrom: Seminar on Corpus Studies and the Computer in English 
Language Research, Tampere 1991, p. 117

Shorter notices:  

Andrea Sand and Rainer Siemund: LOB - 30 years on..., p. 119   
Robert Davison: Building a million-word computer science corpus in Hong
Kong, p. 123
Geoffrey Leech: The Lancaster Parsed Corpus, p. 124
Steve Crowdy: The Longman/Lancaster English Language Corpus and the 
Longman Corpus of Learners' English, p. 126  
The British National Corpus, p. 128  
Paul Procter: The Cambridge Language Survey, p. 130  
The Bank of English, p. 133 
The Georgetown University Catalogue of Projects in  Electronic Text, p. 134
Susan Hockey: The Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities, p. 135  
New Oxford Text Archive Catalogue, p. 137 
News on the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), p. 138 
The CHILDES CD-ROM, p. 138 
The ACL/DCI CD-ROM, p. 139  
Knut Hofland: The ICAME CD-ROM, p. 139

ICAME services:  

Knut Hofland: The ICAME network server, p. 141  
Texts available through ICAME, p. 142  
Conditions on the use of ICAME corpus material, p. 145 
Information for contributors, p. 145 

CONTENTS ICAME Journal no. 17 1993  


Roger Garside:
The marking of cohesive relationships: Tools for the construction of a large 
bank of anaphoric data 5

Junsaku Nakamura:
Quantitative comparison of modals in the Brown and LOB corpora	29

Jacques Noel:
Adjectives and nouns with reported clauses 49

Raymond Hickey:
Corpus data processing with Lexa 73 

Steve Fligelstone:
Some reflections on the question of teaching, from a corpus linguistics 
perspective 97


Jan Aarts and Willem Meijs (eds.):
Theory and practice in corpus linguistics (Graeme Kennedy) 111

John Sinclair:
Corpus, concordance, collocation (Kay Wikberg) 114

Shorter notices:

David Tiomajou:
Designing a corpus of Cameroonian English 119

Geoffrey Sampson:
The Susanne Corpus 125

Anna-Brita Stenstrom and Leiv Egil Breivik:
The Bergen Corpus of London Teenager Language 128

Christian Mair:
Thirteenth ICAME Conference 129

Merja Kyto, Matti Rissanen, and Susan Wright:
The First International Colloquium on English Diachronic Corpora 132

ICAME services:

Knut Hofland:
The CORPORA distribution list 138

Knut Hofland:
ICAME file servers 139

Texts available through ICAME 142
Programs available through ICAME 145


Conditions on the use of ICAME corpus material 146

Information for contributors 147