ICAME Journal 19


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 19 – April 1995

International Computer Archive of Modern English
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities



Eva Grabowski and Dieter Mindt A corpus-based learning list of irregular verbs in English
Table 6: Learning list of irregular verbs and list of all irregular verbs, page 13 -20
Merja Kytö and Atro Voutilainen Applying the Constraint Grammar Parser of English to the Helsinki Corpus 23
Anneli Meurman-Solin A new tool: The Helsinki Corpus of Older Scots (1450-1700) 49
Hong Liang Qiao The mapping between the parsing annotation schemes of the Lancaster Parsed Corpus and the Susanne Corpus 63


Ian Lancashire Jan Svartvik (ed.) Directions in corpus linguistics: Proceedings of Nobel Symposium 82 Stockholm, 4-8 August 1991 93
Udo Fries Nelleke Oostdijk and Pieter de Haan (eds.) Corpus-based research into language. In honour of Jan Aarts 109
Henk Barkema Udo Fries, Gunnel Tottie and Peter Schneider (eds.) Creating and using English language corpora 114
Herman Wekker Dieter Mindt: Zeitbezug im Englischen: Eine didaktische Grammatik des englischen Futurs 117
Gerry Knowles Anna-Brita Stenström: An introduction to spoken interaction 120
Hilde Hasselgård Sonia Vandepitte: A pragmatic study of the expression and the interpretation of causality: Conjuncts and conjunctions in modern spoken British English 123

Shorter notices

Charles F. Meyer Response to Nelleke Oostdijk’s review of Apposition in contemporary English 133
Henk Barkema The Fifteenth ICAME Conference in Århus, Denmark (18 – 22 May 1994) 138
Papers from the Fifteenth ICAME Conference in Århus, Denmark (18 – 22 May 1994) 145
Merja Kytö and Matti Rissanen English historical corpora: Report on developments in 1993 – 94 145
Philip Hines, Jr. The Newdigate Newsletters 158
Evelyn S. Firchow Computer-aided studies of German 162

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