ICAME Journal 21


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 21 – April 1997

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
Norwegian Computing Centre for the Humanities



Ylva Berglund Future in Present-day English: Corpus-based evidence on the rivalry of expressions 7
Heok-Seung Kwon Negative prefixation from 1300 to 1800: A case study in in-/un– variation
separate file: Table 2 at page 24-25
Berit Løken Expressing possibility in English and Norwegian 43
Rainer Siemund and Claudia Claridge The Lampeter Corpus of Early Modern English Tracts 61
Irma Taavitsainen and Päivi Pahta Corpus of Early English medical writing 1375 – 1750 71
Wolfgang Viereck The Computer Developed Linguistic Atlas of England, volumes 1 (1991) and 2 (1997): Dialectological, computational and interpretative aspects 79


Nancy Belmore Carol E. Percy, Charles F. Meyer and Ian Lancashire (eds) Synchronic Corpus Linguistics. Language and Computers: Studies in Practical Linguistics, 16, 1996 91
Charles F. Meyer Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson: Corpus Linguistics 96


Ylva Berglund Juan Carlos Acuña Fariña: The Puzzle of Apposition. On So-called Appositive Structures in English 101
Ylva Berglund Tony McEnery and Andrew Wilson: Corpus Linguistics 101
Ylva Berglund Dieter Mindt: An Empirical Grammar of the English Verb; Modal Verbs 102
Ylva Berglund Jenny Thomas and Mick Short (eds): Using Corpora for Language Research 103

Shorter notices

Pam Peters Seventeenth ICAME Conference in Stockholm (15-19 May 1996) 105
Merja Kytö and Matti Rissan English historical corpora: Report on developments in 1996 109
Mark Catt WorldWideWeb-based interface to the Helsinki Corpus 121
Angela Hasselgren The EVA Corpus of Norwegian School English 123
Evelyn S. Firchow The Computer Clearinghouse Project 125

In memoriam

Jan Svartvik Sidney Greenbaum in memoriam 127

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