ICAME Journal 26


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 26 – April 2002

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
The HIT Centre – Humanities Information Technologies Research Programme



Alejandro Curado Fuentes Exploitation and assessment of a Business English corpus through language learning tasks 5
Diana Hudson-Ettle and Tore Nilsson Orality and noun phrase structure in registers of British and Kenyan English 33
Mattias Jacobsson Thank you and thanks in Early Modern English 63
Norma A. Pravec Survey of learner corpora 81
Mª Dolores Ramírez Verdugo Non-native interlanguage intonation systems: A study based on a computerized corpus of Spanish learners of English 115
Ingrid Westin and Christer Geisler A multi-dimensional study of diachronic variation in British newspaper editorials 133


Rita C. Simpson and John M. Swales (eds) Corpus linguistics in North America. Selections from the 1999 symposium. 153


Joe Trotta Wh-clauses in English: Aspects of theory and description. 157
Linda Ehrsam Voigts and Patricia Deery Kurtz Scientific and medical writings in Old and Middle English: An electronic reference.


Shorter notices

Fiona M. Douglas Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech (SCOTS) 165

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