ICAME Journal 27


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 27 – April 2003

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
The HIT Centre – Humanities Information Technologies Research Programme



Eric Atwell, Peter Howarth and Clive Souter The ISLE Corpus: Italian and German Spoken Learners’ English 5
Göran Kjellmer Synonymy and corpus work: On almost and nearly 19
Ulf Magnusson What’s the real thing? Paradoxes and prototypes of an English adjective 29


Lars Borin (ed.) Parallel corpora, parallel worlds. Selected papers from a Symposium on Parallel and Comparable Corpora at Uppsala University, Sweden, 22–23 April, 1999. 51
Leiv Egil Breivik and Angela Hasselgren (eds.) From the COLT’s mouth … and others’. Language corpora studies: In honour of Anna-Brita Stenström.


Joybrato Mukherjee Korpuslinguistik und Englischunterricht: Eine Einführung.


Joybrato Mukherjee Form and function of parasyntactic presentation structures. A corpus-based study of talk units in spoken English.


María Jesús Pérez Quintero Adverbial subordination in English: A functional approach.


Pam Peters, Peter Collins and Adam Smith (eds.) New frontiers of corpus research. Papers from the Twenty-First International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora, Sydney 2000.


Minna Vihla Medical writing. Modality in focus.


Shorter notices

Marina Dossena Corpus of 19th-Century Scottish Correspondence 91
Roberta Facchinetti XXIII International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora of Modern and Medieval English (ICAME 23) 91

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