ICAME Journal 28


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 28 – April 2004

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
Aksis – The Department of Culture, Language and Information Technology



Pascaline Dury Building a bilingual diachronic corpus of ecology: The long road to completion 5
Sebastian Hoffmann Using the OED quotations database as a corpus – a linguistic appraisal 17
Emi Izumi, Kiyotaka Uchimoto and Hitoshi Isahara SST speech corpus of Japanese learners’ English and automatic detection of learners’ errors 31
Dan McIntyre, Carol Bellard-Thomson, John Heywood, Tony McEnery, Elena Semino and Mick Short Investigating the presentation of speech, writing and thought in spoken British English: A corpus-based approach 49
Kirsti Peitsara Variants of contraction: The case of it’s and ‘tis 77


Karin Aijmer English discourse particles: Evidence from a corpus. 95
Karin Aijmer (ed.) A wealth of English. Studies in honour of Göran Kjellmer.


Bengt Altenberg and
Sylviane Granger (eds.)
Lexis in contrast: Corpus-based approaches.


Sylviane Granger, Estelle Dagneaux, and Fanny Meunier (eds.) International Corpus of Learner English.


Sylviane Granger, Joseph Hung, and Stephanie Petch-Tyson (eds.) Computer learner corpora, second language acquisition and foreign language teaching.


Bernhard Kettemann and Georg Marko (eds.) Teaching and learning by doing corpus analysis: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Teaching and Language Corpora, Graz 19–24 July, 2000.


Charles F. Meyer English corpus linguistics: An introduction.


Randi Reppen, Susan M. Fitzmaurice, and Douglas Biber (eds.). Using corpora to explore linguistic variation.


Shorter notices

Olga Moudraia The Student Engineering English Corpus 139
Anne Curzan and Taryn Hakala XXIV International ICAME Conference 144

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