ICAME Journal 30


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 30 – April 2006

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
Aksis – The Department of Culture, Language and Information Technology



Claire Cowie Economical with the truth: Register categories and the functions of -wise viewpoint adverbs in the British National Corpus 5
Susanna Lyne The form of the pronoun preceding the verbal gerund: Possessive or objective? 37
Judit Martínez Magaz TRADI IMT (XX-XXI): Recent proposals for the alignment of a diachronic parallel corpus 55
Marina Santini Web pages, text types, and linguistic features: Some issues 67
Bettina Starcke The phraseology of Jane Austen’s Persuasion: Phraseological units as carriers of meaning 87


Gunter Kaltenböck It-extraposition and non-extraposition in English. A study of syntax in spoken and written texts. 105
Hans Lindquist and Christian Mair (eds.) Corpus approaches to grammaticalization in English.


Nadja Nesselhauf Collocations in a learner corpus.


Ute Römer Progressives, patterns, pedagogy: A corpus-driven approach to English progressive forms, functions, contexts and didactics.


John Sinclair (ed.) How to use corpora in language teaching.


Erik Smitterberg The progressive in 19th-century English. A process of integration.


Martin Wynne (ed.) Developing linguistic corpora: A guide to good practice.


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Ylva Berglund BNC Baby v. 2 – three corpora on one CD 139

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