ICAME Journal 32


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 32 – April 2008

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
Aksis – The Centre of Culture, Language and Information Technology



Andreea S. Calude Clefting and extraposition in English 7
Christer Geisler Statistical reanalysis of corpus data 35
Dolores González-Álvarez and Javier Pérez-Guerra Grammere = Grammar? Syntaxe = Syntax? Early Modern English = Present-day English? 47
Ines Lareo and María-José Esteve Ramos 18th century scientific writing: A study of make complex predicates in the Coruña Corpus 69
James McCrostie Writer visibility in EFL learner academic writing: A corpus-based study 97
David C. Minugh The college idiom: Idioms in the COLL Corpus 115
Ana Montoya Reyes The presence of cognitive verbs in mathematical texts (1800-1900) of the Coruña Corpus 139
Christoph Rühlemann Conversational grammar – bad grammar? A situation-based description of quotative I goes in the BNC 157
Charlotte Taylor What is corpus linguistics? What the data says 179
Ying Wang and Philip Shaw Transfer and universality: Collocation use in advanced Chinese and Swedish learner English 201


Aijmer and Bengt Altenberg (eds.) A glossary of corpus linguistics. (Helena Raumolin-Brunberg) 233
Roberta Facchinetti (ed.) Corpus linguistics 25 years on. (Ilka Mindt)


Christiane Fellbaum (ed.) Idioms and collocations. (David Oakey)


Eileen Fitzpatrick (ed.) Corpus linguistics beyond the word. Corpus research from phrase to discourse. (Paul Baker)


Marianne Hundt English mediopassive constructions. A cognitive, corpus- based study of their origin, spread, and current status. (Jürgen Esser)


Marianne Hundt, Nadja Nesselhauf and Carolin Biewer (eds.) Corpus linguistics and the web. (Gunnar Bergh)


Stig Johansson Seeing through multilingual corpora: On the use of corpora in contrastive studies. (Lars Borin)


Merja Kytö, Mats Rydén and Erik Smitterberg (eds.) Nineteenth-century English: Stability and change. (Andrea Sand)


Tony McEnery, Richard Xiao and Yukio Tono Corpus-based language studies: An advanced resource book. (Bernard De Clerck)


Wolfgang Teubert (ed.) Text corpora and multilingual lexicography. (Christer Geisler)


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