ICAME Journal 35


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 35 – April 2011

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English
Uni Digital



Sami Chatti The semantic network of causative MAKE 5
Pascaline Dury and Patrick Drouin When terms disappear from a specialized lexicon: A semi-automatic investigation into ‘necrology’ 19
Maristella Gatto The ‘body’ and the ‘web’: The web as corpus ten years on 35
Sara Gesuato and Roberta Facchinetti GOING TO V vs GOING TO BE V-ing: Two equivalent patterns? 59
Hanhong LI and Alex C. Fang Word frequency of the CHILDES corpus: Another perspective of
child language features
Nadja Nesselhauf Temporal specifiers and markers of futurity: Rethinking factors of variation 117
Matthew Brook O’Donnell The adjusted frequency list: A method to produce cluster-sensitive
frequency lists
Laura Louise Paterson Epicene pronouns in UK national newspapers: A diachronic study 135
Ann-Kathrin Trommer Wondering about the intersection of speech acts, politeness and deixis: I wondered and I was wondering in the BNC 185
Nuria Yáñez-Bouza ARCHER past and present (1990–2010) 205


Hilde Hasselgård Adjunct adverbials in English. (Gunnel Tottie) 237
Hans Lindquist Corpus linguistics and the description of English. (Ilka Mindt)


Susanne Mühleisen Heterogeneity in word-formation patterns. A corpus-based analysis of
suffixation with -ee and its productivity in English.
(Anne Gardner)


Günter Rohdenburg and Julia Schlüter (eds.) One language, two grammars? Differences between British
and American English.
(Hans Lindquist)
Graeme Trousdale An introduction to English sociolinguistics. (Angela Falk)


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