ICAME Journal 36


Computers in English Linguistics

No. 36 – April 2012

International Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English

Uni Computing



Anne-Katrin Blass Textual functions of extended lexical units: A case study of phrasal constructions built around by way of 5
Melanie Fitton-Hayward Homoeroticising Dorian: A key word study 31
Katrien Heremans and Hubert Cuyckens DIACHRONEX: Corpus-based exercises for English diachronic linguistics 67
Mitra Shahabi and Jorge Baptista A corpus-based translation study on English-Persian verb phrase ellipsis 95


Paul Baker A corpus-based translation study on English-Persian verb phrase ellipsis (Miriam Meyerhoff) 113
Ana Frankenberg-Garcia, Lynne Flowerdew and Guy Aston (eds.) New trends in corpora and language learning. (Fanny Meunier) 119
Gaëtanelle Gilquin Corpus, cognition and causative constructions. (Jürgen Esser) 125
Yufang Ho Corpus stylistics in principles and practice: A stylistic exploration of John Fowles’ The Magus.(Brian Walker) 129
Susan Hunston Corpus approaches to evaluation. Phraseology and evaluative language. (Monika Bednarek) 133
Yoko Iyeiri Verbs of implicit negation and their complements in the history of English.(Hendrik De Smet) 138
Fanny Meunier, Sylvie De Cock, Gaëtanelle Gilquin and Magali Paquot (eds.) A taste for corpora. (Martina Bredenbröcker) 144
Joybrato Mukherjee and Marianne Hundt (eds.) Exploring second-language varieties of English and learner Englishes. Bridging a paradigm gap. (Sandra Mollin) 153
Päivi Pahta and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.) Communicating early English manuscripts.(Melanie Borchers) 158
Martin Weisser Essential programming for linguistics.(Christer Geisler) 163

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